About DaMarTech

My name is Jithin and I'm the founder of DaMarTech 

And I created this to help business owners like yourself to build better systems, to integrate tech effortlessly, to learn better ways to do business and more
A little bit about me

Vision & Mission

Knowledge is empowering especially Tech knowledge. And many a times, people have taken advantage of lack of knowledge or awareness. So my idea of being here is to help you, support you, teach you and empower you. And my vision is to create this platform a place to offer resources to do that.
Jihtin Sujala

This is my story in short

I was trained to become a Mechanical Engineer. Well, I did become that. But then soon I got the travel bug. 

Then thought working in a ship would be cool, to travel and work. So I did that for a while.

By then I was hooked and wanted to travel more. 
So I decided to pursue travel instead for a while. 

So I became a tour guide, backpacker hostel manager and so on and while doing those, I also got an MBA in Travel and Tourism.

I also worked for an Travel app company and I had to write travel content for the app. And my boss told me that my writing was too analytical. That's when I understood that I was trained to think analytically and I wasn't using it any more.
By then I also realised that what I'm after is not travel, but Location Independnce - I didn't want to get tied down to one place. 

Thats when I turned to Data and Business system automation. Now I enjoy applying my analytical mind to everyday business problems and I can work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop and internet connection!

What is Happening Now

Currently I am one of the only two Gohighlevel certified Admins in Australia, Ontraport Certified Expert and 
uChat Silver level Chat Bot Maker and I am focussing mainly on setting up Marketing Automation systems for my clients through chatbots and Highlevel systems.
jithin sujala highlevel certified admin in sydney australia
If you want to discuss further regarding Highlevel, Ontraport or Chatbot build, fill out this application and we can talk more about how I can help you. 
Contact me Here

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