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Helping Small Businesses to Integrate Tech Effortlessly!

DaMarTech helps small businesses to implement and integrate Data Analysis and Marketing Technology with effotless ease. 

Here to help you with Technology..

Most small business owners find Tech not their forte and that is okay.. 

You maybe a dance studio owner, an artist, baker
extraordinaire and many othe things.. and you don't need to know what Zapier is or how email automation works.. 

You do your best work by following your passion and I do my best to help you with my passion.. Tech integrations and automation..

Are you a...

  • Course creator looking to create funnels and systems and wanting to integrate them all effectively?
  • Life coach who wants to implement bump products or one click upsell on clickfunnels or similar?
  • Small business owner who wants to get started with Email Marketing using MailChimp or similar?
  • Brand new business who wants to get started with their online presence using WordPress website?
  • An established business owner who is ready for a rebrand and brand uplift with a more efficient systems?
  • Someone who wants to know how to integrate systems using Zapier or similar tools?

Whatever maybe your reason or situation, if you are thinking about implementing any Marketing Technology or planning to upgrade your backend systems and want to consult, I am here to help you.


Most Popular Services

Are you looking for..

Some of the most popular digital marketing needs my past clients have required falls under 3 main categories. If you're requirement is something different, get in touch and we will see how I can help you.

Brand Refresh

Looking for a new website, landing page or sales funnel? Maybe all you need is a bit of clarity on your brand message and reorganisation.
Elevate Brand

Email Marketing

Want to set up effective automated emails to deliver a free freebie or to capture your leads better and nurture them through a series of emails?
Connect Better

System Integrations

Want to make various systems in your business to talk to each other and streamline and automate your business processes? 
Integrate Tech
Jihtin Sujala

Hi, my name is Jithin and I'm here to help you..

Hi there, Let me give you a short intro. My name is Jithin and I am the person behind DaMarTech and my mission is to help you with your Tech Integrations and Business System Automations..
Read more about Vision and Mission Statements..

Here is how I can help you

DaMarTech is built on certain values to empower you as a small business owner through education, training and/or implementation.
See which option fits your situation better.

Learn Yourself and Be empowered

There is a free how-to guides and resources on this website through which you can learn new systems and implement yourself. 
Free Resources

Get Trained and Become Better

If you want to learn a specific software or system, join me on a coaching call and learn everything from scratch.
Join Waitlist

Do what you love & Let me Do the rest

If you prefer to focus your time and energy on managing your business, I will be more than happy to help you with tech.
Get In Touch

A few of the Systems I can help you with

Some of the most popular systems I've helped my clients with, are listed here. 
If you use a system that is not listed here, I can still be able to help you. 
Get in touch with me to discuss further.

What others are saying

Here is what my previous clients have to say.
  • "Couldn't have asked for a better service.."

    Systems: ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Thinkific, Zapier
    "Jithin was incredible to work with, he goes above and beyond with his work and his time and doesn't stop until he delivers what he has set out to help you with. I have used Jithin on many occasions, and I couldn't have asked for a better service. I always feel safe once I have made a request, that he will come through for me. I have a few last minute requests and Jithin gets it done, the service is exceptional. I highly recommend him."

    Geoff, Ascending Minds

  • "Helped me to upskill my own capacities.."

    Systems: WordPress, Beaver Builder, Social Media Marketing
    "Jithin was extremely helpful - not just in the task at hand, but offering useful suggestions beyond the scope of what we were working on. He communicates well and helped me to upskill my own capacities in relation to web-site and social media. He offered me choices and possibilities that expanded the vista of my inquiry. He exceeded my expectation and come highly recommended - especially if you are like me and have limited technical knowledge."

    Kim, NSW, Australia

  • "Worked well with staff member.."

    Systems: Moosend, Email Marketing and Automation Training
    "Excellent job, Vicki, my staff thought Jithin was super helpful. 

    Worked well with staff member to do training with them. Good communication, finally actioned something we'd been trying to get going for two years! Thanks."

    Mitch, QLD, Australia

Find me here

I'm based out of Sydney. You can mostly find me in and around McMahons Point, North Sydney.

Ready for a Tech Upgrade in your business?

Your first step is check out the Free Resources and Learn yourself. 
If you need further help, click below to get started.
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