v3 reCaptcha conflict with Elementor

v3 reCaptcha conflict with Elementor

"The Captcha field cannot be blank. Please enter a value."

If you have received the above error while creating a form in Elementor with reCaptcha either v2 or v3, here is the solution that helped me sort out the issue for a client.

Let's first look into the reason. If you're impatient to solve it, jump to the solution part.

Why reCaptcha showing error in Elementor

If you have created your Elementor form correctly and integrated reCaptcha on your form properly everything should work when you publish the form and submit it.

But even if we set everything up properly at times this message will show up when we submit the form. "The Captcha field cannot be blank. Please enter a value."

There won't be any value to enter. You have already entered all the values, but reCaptcha thinks otherwise!

Most probably the issue is caused by some sort of reCaptcha conflict.

So the first step would be to look for a possible source from where a conflict must be coming from.

This could be other form plugins, another reCaptcha setting.

Look for other form plugins

In my client's case, there were at least 2 form plugins were already installed by the previous wordpress developer. It had Ninja form and WP forms. It also had reCaptcha settings set up.

Here is an example of Ninja form reCaptcha settings

If you find such a situation, either remove those form plugins altogether if you are not using them anymore or simply remove the reCaptcha settings by going into their individual settings.

How to spot if there is a conflict

If there is a reCaptcha conflict the reCaptcha badge would not be shown on the page you have the form and reCaptcha set up. So usually it will be on the bottom right or left (unless you haven't made the reCaptcha badge hidden using custom css)

If the reCaptcha badge is missing and you're getting the error "The Captcha field cannot be blank. Please enter a value.", you can be sure that there is a conflict.


Like I have mentioned above, the solution is to remove reCaptcha settings from any other form plugins or turn off their reCaptcha settings if you are using Elementor Form elements on your page.

My problem was caused by wpforms reCaptcha. When I turned it off, everything started working.

wpform reCaptcha

When you turn off or remove the conflicting plugin or reCaptcha settings, you should be able to see the reCaptcha badge back on the page.

Hope this helps.

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