PayPal Popup Disappearing on ClickFunnel Two Step Order Forms Solution

PayPal Popup Disappearing on ClickFunnel Two Step Order Forms: Solution

Recently one of my clients faced an issue - when finishing the payment using PayPal integration, the PayPal login popup would appear for a second or so and it would disappear, making it impossible to make a payment. If this ever happened to you, here is what solved that issue.

Things to know before getting started

  • The issue was causing on a Two Step order form [ 2 step order form in clickfunnels is the one where you enter your your Name and Email in the first step and Credit card details in the next.
  • There were 2 products to purchase - one normal product and a bump product
  • The currency used was NOT USD. [ For some reason USD payments were working ]
  • Client was using PayPal V3 API [ This is the latest version ]

So when you finish the first and second steps in the order form you will be taken to PayPal payment page, as PayPal was the payment gateway set up for these products.

When you click on any of the PayPal buttons, a popup would show up, a loading animation would play and then after a second it would disappear.

Possible Reasons

This could happen if you have more than one products and you have two different currencies set for each products. For example Product 1 was set in USD and bump product was set in AUD.

At times there could be a conflict between Stripe currency setting and PayPal currency settings

Maybe your PayPal account has some restrictions.

But in my client's case, all of the above was set up properly. There were no conflict and I have done numerous testing to make sure everything was set up properly.

As a last resort I contact Clickfunnel support.

They initially suggested that the problem could be caused by Custom codes. We were using some custom css and scripts on the funnel page. So that can also be an issue at times. But I have removed all the custom codes and tested and the problem was still persisting.

Finally the development team at Clickfunnel found the culprit.

2 step form and PayPal V3

They found out that there is an issue with 2-step order form and PayPal V3. [ as of July 2022 ]

So if you are also in a similar situation, first understand that the issue might be causing because

  • you are using a two step order form
  • along with PayPal v3 payment gateway

The Solution

The solution is to use PayPal V2 payment gateway. This is the previous version of PayPal API and mostly what you will find on your dashboard would be the V3.

To check which version you have, you have to go to Clickfunnel dashboard >> Account Settings >> Payment gateways >> Add new payment gateway

You will see all of the available payment gateways here.

In the above image you can see it is PayPal V2. Though this is not the normal case. In your dashboard you will see PayPal V3, most probably.

You have to get PayPal V3 downgraded to PayPal V2. In order to do that, you will have to raise a ticket with the support team and they will do that for you.

Once that is done, you will start seeing PayPal V2 on your dashboard.

After that, everything is same as before. Go to your PayPal developer account and get your API credentials, connect V2 and use it as the Payment Gateway.


If you ever find that PayPal Popup Disappears on Checkout while using along with 2 step order forms in ClickFunnels and every other settings are correct, try downgrading PayPal V3 to V2 and try again. It should sort out your issue.

Hope this helps. In case you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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