This is the Cheapest Zapier Alternative!

If you are a Zapier Power user, this relatively new but awesome software will save you a ton of money and work as good if not much better than Zapier. Check out this cheapest Zapier alternative called as Pabbly Connect!

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Pabbly connect is almost as same as Zapier but with more economical features. Let's start with some top highlights.

Unlike Zapier triggers and internal tasks are totally Free in Pabbly Connect

Yes, you read that right. Unlike Zapier and other competitors like Integromat, triggers and internal tasks are FREE in Pabbly Connect.

What does that mean in simpler terms?

Well, if you have an automation that has Trigger, a conditional Filter and an Action, only Actions are charged and not the Trigger step and Filter step.

For example imagine the scenario where someone schedules a meeting on Calendly and you want to filter the booking that are made for a specific program and then if conditions are met enter those details on a google sheets.

You will set up your trigger as New booking created on Calendly, filter it based on the event name and if the condition is true, you want to create a new row on google sheets.

  • So your trigger is new booking in Calendly.
  • Filter is 'if event name contains' whatever name we want to track.
  • Action is create a new row in google sheet if the condition is true.

If you are using pabbly connect, you are going to pay for the last step only. This means that only the action steps will consume your task count and will be charged, which in turn means, lesser number of chargeable monthly tasks and cheaper monthly subscription.

Screenshot from Pabbly Connect Website

For example, when zapier says 2000 tasks/month, in Pabbly Connect you could do almost 6000 tasks as triggers and internal tasks aren't counted towards billable tasks!

No Feature Restrictions on Any Plan, even on Free Plan!

Woot! Woot!

Yes, there are No Feature Restrictions on Any Plans! Even the free plan comes with unlimited path/router, unlimited premium apps, unlimited automation workflows, and Iterators!

In Zapier free version, you won't be able to create a filter or add a path. But Pabbly Connect is so very generous!

You might be wondering, then what is the limit? Where does they add the catch.

The limit is on the number of tasks and that determines which plan to choose.

Free plan has 100 tasks available in a month. If you didn't skip the initial part of this post, you'd understand that 100 tasks in Pabbly Connect is almost equal to 300 tasks in Zapier. So basically you'd be getting almost 300 Zapier tasks for free in Pabbly Connect Free Plan.

Pabbly connect cheapest Zapier alternative
Screenshot from Pabbly Connect website

12k tasks/month starts at $14 with discounts.

24k tasks/month starts at $29 with discounts.

50k tasks/month starts at $59 with discounts.\

But the best bit is that you don't even have to pay this monthly fee if you decide to buy the Lifetime deal. You only have to pay $699 once and you get 10k tasks for free every month with all the other unlimited automations.

You will get your money's worth in a few months, especially if you're a growing business.

I'd recommend even to someone who isn't yet using Zapier! Because at some point you will have to use an integration software if you're smart about running your business. And by the time you realise it, Ultimate Lifetime deal like this would have gone for good because the company has gotten enough early adopters and ready to make some profits.

If you have seen a Lifetime deal as good as this and didn't take it, the only thing you can do later is regret!

Though standard and Pro lifetime deals do have certain restrictions which is quite understandable if you are familiar with LTDs.

Integrates with almost any apps that Zapier supports and the list is increasing..

As of now there are about 900+ integrations available on Pabbly connect. Google sheets, WordPress, Zoom, Calendly, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Manychat, ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, mailerlite, mailchimp and so on. Most of the popular apps are already available on Pabbly Connect.

You can check if the apps you want to integrate with is actually available or not, by visiting their website and searching for your desired app on the top right search bar saying "Search by apps" field.

Add Unlimited Team Members for free

Another Pabbly Connect feature is the ability to add multiple team members for free.

Most of my clients share their Zapier login with me as they don't want to add extra users and pay for it. You might be also following a similar practice.

Sometimes someone would create a zap or delete something but all of those actions will be reflected as done by the owner of the Zapier account.

You don't know who is accountable for the good or the bad work. But with free team members feature in Pabbly connect, you will know which team member did what. Great way to keep everyone accountable for their actions and that too at no extra cost to you!

So what is the catch?

I don't think there is any catch. This company and its employees are based in India and I believe finally an Indian software company has taken the cost of living to their advantage and leveraging it just like Zoho software suites.

Looking at their development lifecycle and addition of new features and newer integrations, you can trust that this product is actively developed and made better regularly. And they have a detailed roadmap along with feature requests published on their website.


If you love to bring automation into your business, if you are a growing business, sooner or later you'd need assistance with a third party integration software like Zapier, Integromat, Make, Pabbly Connect and so on. All these SaaS products run on a Subscription model, which means you pay a monthly fee to access a certain number of tasks. But when one of these companies are offering a One time payment for life, you gotta grab it!

Here is the Limited time Lifetime Ultimate Deal

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