Mass Update Tags in Infusionsoft using CSV file

Do you have a list of contacts who are already present in Infusionsoft and want to update their tags or any other field information? Here is the way to do it using a CSV file.

The easiest way to do it is by searching for the contacts within Infusionsoft and selecting all the required contacts and Add/remove tags using "Actions".

But it is not always possible as we don't always have all the right search queries to find a list of contacts. That is when mass update using CSV file becomes a handy tool.

Preparing the file

The file you want to upload in order to edit the contacts should have headers that are matching with the Infusionsoft contact fields.

It should have a contact email field column to match the contacts in infusionsoft. Having Infusionsoft Id is recommended.

If you want to update the tags of the contacts, you definitely should have a column for tags in your csv file.

If you have more than one tag to update, those tags should be seperated by comma under the Tags column.

Finding the settings in Infusionsoft

Once the file is ready you need to find the right place to update your information.

Go to Admin >> Data Cleanup from Infusionsoft hamburger menu on dashboard

Now that we are after modifying the existing data, we choose the first option that says Modify Existing Records.

Since tags are added to the contacts, we are after modifying the contacts. So we select Contacts from the dropdown menu and click Go.

Then you will see an option to upload your file. [ The link to watching the video doesn't show any videos]

Browse the files and find the file you have prepared.

It is here you match the data fields in your csv file to that of Infusionsoft. The one on the left side are the column names from your csv file.

The one on the right side are the Infusionsoft fields.

You can see, for tags, the corresponding action we need to take is to "Create tags from your field values".

One last question before importing. Do you have permission to send marketing emails to these contacts?

Ideally, you should have permission. So you have to answer 'Yes'.

One final review to see if everything is working as you'd expect. You can use the blue arrows to go forward and backward to see if all the records have been imported properly.

If everything is working as expected, now you will see the progress bar for the export.

Mass Update Tags in Infusionsoft  using CSV file

At the end of the import, you will see the success message. If you see this, you have successfully added tags to those email contacts included in the csv file.


In order to test if you have done everything correctly, you can double check the results in infusionsoft.

  1. You can go to Contacts and search for contacts with the latest tag you've added. If the number of contacts match with the tag you've added, you know everything went right.
  2. You can select one of the contacts from the list you've imported and check their tags. If you can see the latest tags reflects the ones you have added, then you have done it correctly.


Using the csv file method through Data cleanup is the best way to add/edit contacts in bulk. Hope this helps.

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