How to integrate gohiglevel with ontraport

Integrating GoHighLevel with Ontraport

You might be thinking HighLevel (popularly known as GoHighLevel or GHL) and Ontraport both serve same or similar purposes and why would anyone needs to integrate it? Why not use one or the other?

If that is your thought process, you are right. Both GoHighLevel and Ontraport are all in one sales and marketing platform. But in certain areas GHL is doing better than Ontraport and vice versa.

For example, if you are looking for deeper integration with your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, where you can answer DMs, create contacts when a lead get in touch with you via DMs etc, GHL is better suited.

The direct integration with Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn lead form also makes GHL a preferred platform for the media buyers aka the Meta ad guy you're chatting with.

But if you are planning to build a custom member portal, client area or a web app based on contact related database, Ontraport can run circles around GHL. (Though GHL is planning to bring Custom Objects in the mix. So that is something to watch out for.)

Now that you're aware that both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, let's see when you might want to integrate GHL with Ontraport.

Facebook/Instagram Ads connected with GoHighLevel

If your ad guy or gal prefers GHL to run their ad agency and you are a hardcore Ontraport user, there is a high chance that you might want to connect GHL subaccount to your Ontraport.

The ad agency would run a Meta Lead Ad and connect the lead form to a GHL workflow to capture the leads and to interact with them. With the latest addition of DM capability within GHL platform makes it even more interesting if you want to have an automated chat with your leads right after they interacted with your ad.

Contact created from Socials Inside HighLevel

A lot of GHL users like the fact that they can connect their social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram with GHL and whenever a social follower initiates a personal message, they will be added as a contact in GHL backend and you can have a chat with them straight from your conversations tab.

As soon as you grab email address or phone number from those followers, they becomes your usual CRM contact. This is a great feature especially if you're doing a lot of Organic social media outreach using Meta platform.

Moving contact details from GHL to Ontraport

Now, lets say the conversion happened inside GHL. But you are using Ontraport for your business operations. So you need those lead details sent over to your Ontraport account.

This can be easily achieved by using webhooks or via a third party integration tool. Let's see how that is done.

Sending data from GoHighLevel to Ontraport via webhooks

GoHighLevel offers Webhook action inside their workflow. Depending on the trigger, you can send contact data over to Ontraport via this GHL webhook action

By following this step and mapping the required information to the correct Ontraport contact fields, you will be able to get all the data from GHL to Ontraport.

Sending data from GoHighLevel to Ontraport via Zapier/Pabbly

If the sound of webhooks is scary to you, you could use third party integration tools like Zapier or Pabbly connect.

In Zapier or in Pabbly look for "Lead Connector" app to start the integration.

My personal recommendation would be to use Pabbly connect as its a ton of triggers, plus it offers one time payment option which means, you don't have to pay each month if number of tasks are less than 10k tasks. I believe for most businesses this should be true.

On the other hand Zapier offers just one trigger which is "Pipeline status changed"

Whichever platform you end up using to trigger this automation, the next step would be either to find Ontraport App in these platform and send the data over to Ontraport.

Alternatively you can send a webhook to "Save or Update contact" end point in Ontraport.


It all comes down to your business requirements and which platform you want to run your business on. If GHL and Ontraport are equally essential for your business, that is great. And now you know how you can move your contact data from GoHighLevel to Ontraport.

If you're reading this, that means, you'd be using either of these platforms. If you could let me know your reasons for using these platforms and share your insights in the comments, that would be great.

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