How to Test the Payments in ClickFunnel Using Stripe and Paypal

How to Test the Payments in ClickFunnel Using Stripe and Paypal

If you are using ClickFunnels to sell a product, may it be digital or physical, you need to have a payment gateway to accept payment. Stripe and Paypal are some of the popular options most of the #funnelhackers use.

When you want to see if all your automations are firing properly you probably want to test your payment flow as well. In order to do that you don't really have to pay the actual price and I'm sure that you already know about that.

That is why all these platforms offer a method to do Test payment. Some offer fairly easier procedure, some don't. Let's see how we can implement a test payment in clickfunnels using either Paypal or Stripe.

Before we go there, just want to make sure that you know how to set up a payment gateway

Setting Up Payment Gateway in Clickfunnels

First you have to go to Top right hand side of your screen to access the accounts settings. From account settings, find "Payment Gateway"

ClickFunnel Dashboard >> Account Settings >> Payment Gateway

Then you will see all the available payment gateways. We are interested in PayPal and Stripe. If you click on the any of them, it will open up another window where you will need to fill out your details and connect your accounts. Stripe offers a very straightforward procedure.

Here is the official video (starting at the actual stripe clickfunnel integration)

Though in order to connect PayPal, you have to create a developer account at and then create API credentials for both Live Account and Test Account (also known as Sandbox account)

Here is another video showing how to connect PayPal and Clickfunnels. It also gives you instructions on how to create PayPal developer account in order to get Live and Test API keys to connect it with clickfunnels.

Hope you have done all that part already and just want to test the payment on your order form.

Test Payment Using Stripe

Testing Stripe Payment is the easier one compared to PayPal testing.

Step 1 : Go to the specific funnel page where you are planning to integrate your payment gateway.

Clickfunnel dashboard >> On top navigation bar - Click Funnels >> Under that you will find "Funnels"

Then pick your desired funnel from a list of funnel pages.

Once you are in the funnel page, you have to go to the Funnel Settings page

This will open up the settings page.

When you scroll down, you will see an option to select your stripe account and toggle it between Test mode and live mode.

If it is showing OFF, it means Test mode is Off. You just have to slide the button to make it say ON.

Once that is done, don't forget to scroll all the way down and click on the SAVE button.

Note : It doesn't save by default. You have to click on the Save button to save it.

How to Use Test Card on Stripe Test Payment

As soon as you turn on the Test mode, your funnel landing page will show a warning on top, saying "Warning: Test Mode Enabled for Funnel - With Stripe use Test Card #4012888888881881"

Now when you go to checkout, use the card number provided.

In case you want to test any specific brand of credit/debit card, Stripe has given a list of test cards here.

Now that we have the card number, we still need expiry date and CVC.

Any future date will work as a valid expiry date and and 3 digit number will work as CVC

So try this credit/debit card details for stripe test payment.

Card Number : 4012888888881881
Expiry : 02/26
CVC : 339

If everything worked, you should see your funnel steps and email automation working as planned according to your integrations.

Now let's go to PayPal test payments.

Setting Up PayPal Test Payment Gateway

PayPal doesn't offer a straight out of the box solution just like Stripe did with a toggle of a button. There are a few more steps involved when it comes to setting up test payments for PayPal.

First you need to set up a Payment Gateway with your Test (Sandbox) API credentials. Hope you have created your PayPal Developer account as mentioned in the first part of this post and got your Live and Test PayPal API keys.

You fill in your Client key and secret key and keep the toggle OFF. If it is a Test credentials, the toggle should look like what is on the image above.

Now, update the PayPal Setting.

[ If you're wondering why it is PayPal V2 and not V3, check out this post to see how you can fix PayPal Integration error while using 2-step order forms by downgrading to PayPal V2 ]

Setting Up PayPal Test Payment

Now, there isn't a toggle button to select PayPal test payment and Live payment as in Stripe. So we have to make the changes in Product level.

Go to your funnel and go to the step where you have the payment form.

In that specific funnel step, you will see the "Products" tab. This is where you have created your products either normal products or a bump product.

You will see the products that you have created here. Now, you have to click on edit, on each products that you want to set up the test payments.

Now you will get to the Payment Option page of your product. You will see all the available payment gateway options here.

Now the interesting thing is that, for some reason, you can't really give a name to distinguish live and test PayPal payment gateways. You will have to either remember which out of the two is Test and Live, or just try trial and error. The good news is that you have 50% chance of getting it right in the first go itself!

If you have selected the Test PayPal, you will see that the connection is linking to the sandbox account when you look at paypal link.

If it is not, you might be trying the live payment page.

Use your paypal email address to login and finish the test payment. It will be reflected on your paypal business account as a test transaction.

Once the test payment is done, it will fire all the automation, you have created based on your payment flow.


These are the 2 ways of testing your payment gateway in Clickfunnels. Share your experience of testing payments in Clickfunnels.

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