How to Edit Infusionsoft Built in Confirmation Email

When someone signs up through your online forms, we may prefer a double opt-in. In order to do that, we send them a confirmation email and ask them to click on a link to confirm their email address. We all have been there.

So now the question is, how do I do that using Infusionsoft.

And the answer is, by using, Infusionsoft's built in Confirmation email sequence.

Infusionsoft by Keap's Built in Email Confirmation Sequence

It looks like this, when you go to a campaign canvas

Most of the things in this sequence are locked. So is most part of the confirmation email.

The confirmation email looks like this

Confirmation Email Content

The part marked in red cannot be edited but the part above it and below it can be edited. We just need to be tailor our words so that it blends in. But where do we go to edit it?

Editing the Confirmation email

In order to edit this confirmation email, you have to go to Admin >> Branding Center

Now, you will have to find the "Email Confirmation" and edit it

Once you are in the edit window, you can edit, the top and bottom section of the email content. You can insert images, tables, dividers, merge fields etc.

But the middle section which contains the confirmation link and a short message cannot be edited.

So the idea is to make the middle section blend in with the whole content of your email.

Now you know how to edit the default confirmation email content of infusionsoft.

PS: If you want total flexibility, you can create your own confirmation email sequences. Check out this post to learn how to create a custom confirmation email with clickable confirmation button and links.

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