How to add a new email domain to Infusionsoft

This post gives you an in depth instructions on how to add a new email domain to Infusionsoft by Keap.

Let's say you have a website called and the email associated with it is called [email protected]

Now, to be on brand and to keep consistency, you want to send people emails from [email protected], and not from personalemail@gmail or anything like that.

It is easy to send one or two emails by logging into your email account and send from there. But what to do if you want to send hundreds of emails to your list? That is when you will use email marketing software like MailChimp, Sendinblue and more complex ones like Marketo, Infusionsoft etc

Here we are talking about using Infusionsoft and how we can add your email address to Infusionsoft and add your domain to infusionsoft so that Infusionsoft servers offer you great email deliverability.

Adding a new domain to Infusionsoft

It is very straightforward to add a new domain to infusionsoft at first look. But there are a few steps you have to do before even getting started. Let's have a look.

In order to add a new domain, all you have to do is go to Marketing >> Settings >> Email Authentication and Click 'Add a Domain'

When you click 'Add a Domain' a pop-up will open and with step 1 to select the required domain from a dropdown list.

But then how do we get the required domain into this dropdown list?!

The domain lists shown in the dropdown list is taken from the email address associated with the 'Users' created in Infusionsoft.

So if you want your new domain to show up in that dropdown list, you first need to create a user with an email address connected with that new domain you want to add.

For example, if you want to add a new domain called, then you should first create a user with an email like [email protected].

Then infusionsoft will automatically detect the domain part from the email and add it to the dropdown list.

Step 1 : Adding a User and their email address with the required domain

Go to Admin >> Users and click on Add Users

Depending on your licence, you maybe able to add a number of users. If your licence doesn't allow to add a user, you will have to purchase more user licences.

Alternatively you can deactivate a previously created user and free up their licence and add a new user in their place. But this works, if that previous user no longer has any roles when it comes to Infusionsoft operations.

Add a user with all the relevant information. But the most important piece of information is their email address. Make sure that the new email added has the intended domain name attached to it.

Once a new user has been added, you can go back to Marketing >> Settings >> Email Authentication and Click 'Add a Domain'

Step 2 : Adding the New Domain to Infusionsoft

When you click on Add a Domain, a pop-up will open.

Click on the dropdown and select your preferred domain from the list (or the only one in the list if you only have 1 user)

After this, Infusionsoft will autofill Step 2 field. This is a crucial information that we need for the next steps.

We need to tell our DNS, or the Domain Name System, that we are connecting your name to our infusionsoft systems. And how do we do that?

By using the piece of string Infusionsoft created in step 2 and pasting it on to our DNS

Step 3 : Connecting the new domain to your DNS

If you are not sure what DNS is, check out this easy to understand post from Amazon AWS.

You can manage your DNS aka domain names settings from your Domain provider. It could be namecheap, goDaddy or many other similar service providers.

If you don't know who is your domain provider, you can go to and search with your domain name.

Once you type your domain name , for example, click 'Lookup'. After that scroll down to find 'Registrar Information'

In this case, it is godaddy. Yours could be different.

Next step is to sign in to your service provider's website and make changes to the DNS records.

When we add the new domain to Infusionsoft, it ask as to do the below step.

Step 2 : Create a new CNAME record using the text below as the "Name" or "Host" (the actual name depends on your provider).

That is exactly what we are going to do, creating a new CNAME record.

Creating a new CNAME record

Find your domain name and go to Domain settings. You will then find DNS records.

What you want to do now is to add a new record. So you click 'Add'.

The look and feel of your provider might be different from the above. But the concept is the same.

When you click add a new set of fields will open up where you have to type in the new values.

Type : is CNAME

Name (or Host) : Copy and paste the values from Infusionsoft step 2

Value : Copy and paste the value from Infusionsoft step 3, usually

TTL : Keep it as is

And then click 'Add Record'.

You will see a 'Success' message and the new record will be in effort within 48 hours. Usually much sooner than that.

Step 4 : Verifying the record

Infusionsoft says "Once you've saved the record, return here and click the 'Verify' button below. We will attempt to verify the record is live and setup correctly and notify you of the result. We will begin signing emails only when this verification has completed successfully."

In order to do that, you have to come back to Infusionsoft once CNAME record has been added to your DNS records. And then click 'Verify' at Step 4.

When you do that, hopefully you will see this message.

"The DKIM record has been verified. Emails sent from this domain will be authenticated."

If not, you can 'Retry Validation'.

This is how you can successfully add a new domain to Infusionsoft and start signing the emails from your newly created domain.

If you have more questions, the best way to find answer is here. This is the DKIM help centre articles from Infusionsoft.

Hope this helps you in adding your domain to infusionsoft.

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